Download the appropriate installer for your operating system and follow the instructions of the installer.

Finding Services

When you start the GDCP Browser, it immediately starts looking for services in your local network. Any services it finds are displayed in the service list on the left hand side. You can then open the service in the tree view by clicking on it.

If it doesn't display any services, make sure that your GDCP server is set up to announce its services. You may also want to check your network settings to enable broad- and / or multicast.

Browsing a Service

Once you have selected a service in the service list, the GDCP browser will display the top level nodes in the tree view. You can expand or collapse a node by double-clicking its name or clicking on the plus-sign or arrow beside it. Note that some nodes may not have any child nodes.

Editing Leaf Data

You can edit a leaf's value by double-clicking on the current value in the second column. Input the new value and hit "Enter" to confirm. Your changes will be committed to the tree immediately.

Note that some leafs may be read-only and cannot be edited.