For the C library:
  • C89 compliant compiler
  • CMake (

For the Python bindings:
  • Python 2.7 development files

For the C++ wrapper:
  • C++11 compliant compiler (gcc 4.7 recommended)

Building the library from source (Linux)

  1. Download the tar.gz source archive
  2. Extract it with tar -xvf gdcp.tar.gz
  3. cd gdcp/lib/build
  4. cmake ..
  5. make && make install

Building the library from source (Windows)

  1. Download the zip source archive and extract it
  2. Start the CMake GUI
  3. Open gdcp/lib/CMakeLists.txt with CMake
  4. In the "Generator" dropdown, select either "Visual Studio Project" or "mingw - Unix Makefiles", depending on your build environment
  5. Click "Configure" and proceed according to your build setup

Building the Python bindings

The Python bindings come with a distutils As long as your build environment can find the GDCP C-library headers and DLLs, building the Python bindings should be as simple as

python install